Hi All,

I'm happy to share a little retrospective from another one of our Directory MCM's, Rob Silver, who wrote us the following just the other day. It's a great example of ROI / benefits from investing in the program that I hope more and more people are seeing out there.

Hi Per/Ryan,

Some inspiring news I think:


I hadn’t actually being paying attention to something which has just dawned on me after 6 months of receiving the MCM Certification on DS.  It’s sort of a hidden benefit which perhaps some of the other independent consultants may be experiencing.


After gaining the MCM, I have not increased my daily rate to my customers.  Some of my colleagues and friends have asked me why not, and the answer is pretty simple – I am still Rob who just happens to have an MCM.


1.       However, here is the good bit!  I have just realised that although I am charging the same rate, my customers aren’t trying to haggle me down on price anymore.  They just accept it.  Great!

2.       RFQs are now being directed to me alone as the customers know that the rate is still pretty much the same as always.  This has eliminated a lot of competition and it is pleasurable to write proposals knowing that the chances of acceptance of the proposals is 90%.

3.       Also – I realised that my sales cycles have come down significantly.  No more meetings about previous meetings etc.  Without sounding arrogant or anything, I have seen significant benefits in my sales cycles (in terms of both duration and probable hit rate). 

4.       Finally, my designs and blueprints for customers are rarely challenged.  This means I can do more work.


So in summary, the MCM DS is still the most valuable education experience of my life in terms of the returns on investment.  Thanks a $million!


Thanks for sharing, Rob!