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I'm wide awake and feel like I could read for weeks...

I'm wide awake and feel like I could read for weeks...

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You are? Boy, do we have something for you!

Greg gave his run-down of final preparations in his last post, which focuses on last minute things to think of prior to attending our training. But what about helping you make sure you're technically ready to attend / help you figure out if you're ready to sign up? Aside from needing the experience of 'having been there, done that', we also provide a pre-reading list to each of our candidates. This is the type of stuff we want to make sure you're well acquainted with so that you're able to stay right on track during the class. Much of it will be review to many, some of it new, some of it we'll touch on directly and more deeply in class, some is just needed to understand what we do cover in class.

We're in process of making these lists more widely available (post them direct to but while we wait to make that switch (which may take a while as our web platform is being updated shortly) I'll post the links to the documents here. So, sit back, relax, drink some coffee (or whatever keeps you up), and enjoy a not-so-short reading list for your program of choice.

Pre-Reading Lists:

  • Per,,

    why do you scare us even more just a few days before the rotation with a new list.

    Just at the moment when I thought I could enjoy the inflight entertainment on my saturday flight you come up with a huge amount of extra info.

    At least I don't have to worry that I will be bored during my 12 hour flight.

    oh and by the way what is that "p" doing on the german fussball shirt?


  • Don't panic Kay, it's the same list you already got... or should be anyway... the differences aren't huge, but if you can work on a few during the flight it will certainly make the trip longer, sorry, slower, sorry, you know, well, it will make it different....

    See you Monday


  • Greg, I think we have a smart cookie on our hands here. I see Kay making a claim for the kajillion-zillion points. Time to get on the horn with our interweb accountant and see how we even DO a transfer of this magnitude!

    Have a safe flight, Kay!

  • Unless you are Uber-l33t, you are probably not working on your Microsoft Certified Master certification. 

  • I think I am going to have one the most technical flights I have ever had....and I was hoping to fit in Slumdog millionaire. Ah, well.

    See you all in a few days time. Safe journeys everyone.  

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