Hello everyone

We have seen several reports of Excel crashing when you scroll down, even on a brand-new sheet. The Application Event log points to a crash in OSF.dll.

We have found that at least one cause of this particular crash is a conflict with Avast! Antivirus. Essentially, if you install Avast! and then open any workbook, Excel will crash if you scroll down using the scroll bar or the mouse wheel. This issue only occurs if you are logged in using a Microsoft Account (previously known as Live ID).

Unfortunately, the crash continues to happen even if you uninstall Avast! and run an online repair.


Avast! has posted an update to their Antivirus programs that resolves this issue. It is dated November 11, 2013. Once you install the new version, obtained from http://www.avast.com, you must do the following to resolve the crash:

  1. Reboot your machine (the last step of removing Avast!)
  2. Click on the File Tab, and click Options.
  3. Click Trust Center and then Trust Center Settings.
  4. Click Trusted App Catalogs, and then click the Clear button.

After you do this and restart Excel, the crash should not occur.