By Amber Mertes

Recently, we’ve seen an issue frequently occuring where the dialogs such as Save As, Print, File Open, etc. are being hidden behind the Excel 2010 application randomly. Additionally, the issue can occur with other
Office applications such as Word.

This issue occurs when third party add-ins are loaded in the Outlook 2010 application. 

The steps to reproduce the issue consistently involve using the functionality to ‘Save & Send’ a document from the Excel application. Once you do that process, the add-ins in Outlook appear to be keeping focus and
not allowing the Excel dialogs to move to the front.

To work around the issue for now, remove any third party add-ins you may be running in Outlook 2010 and add them back in one at a time to determine which one is the root of the issue.  Once determined, contact the
developer of the add-in for any updates or solutions they may have.

For more information, see the following blog which covers the hidden dialogs with Outlook add-ins and using Email functionality within the Office apps:


  • This issue does also occur with Office 2013
  • The Ribbon Designer is one way in which add-ins can introduce this behavior. However, we've found it has been introduced in a few other ways:
    • If a third party add in is incorporating Outlook Form Regions into an Inspector, you might see this behavior.
    • If using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Client for Outlook, you may have experienced this issue. This has since been resolved in the Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1