The 9z, by Chris Davis

An Active Directory, Windows Platform, Performance troubleshooting (and anything else interesting I run across) BLOG.

August, 2013

About the 9z:

This is the BLOG and technical resource site for Chris Davis. I work for Microsoft as a Windows Platform Engineer in the consulting services division (MCS).

I'm also a magnet for some pretty odd technical issues and I love to share. You'll find that a large part of this site is dedicated to performance troubleshooting/tuning and also to a large degree, Active Directory.

This site is also a mirror for my site and a launching pad to my YouTube channel. So if anything here interests you, follow me on:
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  • Let's Tech: Hyper-V Replica on 2012 R2 Beta

    (Please visit the site to view this video) In this episode of Let's Tech I cover some of the new features of Hyper-V Replica that changed when 2012 R2 went into Beta. This is an update to my previous Replica video (On DR) that I did in the What's...

Q: So why the name 9z?

A: Well that's my actual website address. What does it mean? Nothing. It's just a really cool short-dot-com I've had forever. I like to use it because it is easy to remember (last number and the last letter... dot com). It was supposed to be pronounced ninez like... "The Ninez" but that turned out nearly impossible to communicate verbally without having to then turn around and also explain how to spell it.... so these days I just usually say 9 Z.

Q: Hey Chris, don't I know you from somewhere?

A: Possibly. I've worked in IT for 20 years and a lot of that was traveling. I've been to almost all 50 states and spent 5 years of that on the road... 42 or more weeks a year. (that's over for a while thankfully). I also teach a lot of workshops on Performance Troubleshooting, Windows Server, Active Directory Troubleshooting, and other various topics. So maybe you were in one of those?

But... the reality is you probably are just thinking of that baseball player.

Q: Are you BigDaddy9z

A: Yes, one and the same.