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About Chris Davis


About Chris Davis

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I am a PFE (Premier Field Engineer) in what is called the Platforms space (basically Windows and any of the components that ship on the Windows CD) and I am considered "Transactional" meaning I go see new customers just about every week. I am not dedicated to any particular account, so I get to see a lot of new folks, new problems, new environments, and have a great time doing it.

My job is about 85% proactive, meaning only around 15% of the time I go onsite with a customer because something is broken. This is because our team is dedicated to finding problems before they become serious. The lower the number of reactive engagements we get, the more we figure we're accomplishing that goal.

So if that's the case, you might be asking  -  then, what do you do? Well, several things actually. For one, I teach workshops to our premier customers, for instance, I might be in your town to deliver "WorkshopPLUS! Performance Monitoring & Vital Signs" or maybe "WorkshopPLUS! 2003/2008 Active Directory Troubleshooting" My team actually has dozens of these that we deliver. We also do Chalk Talks, meaning (typically) one-day engagements where we all sit down and talk about (and demo) things like AD, DFS, 2008, or a slew of other technologies you might want to learn about. But probably the most important thing we do are what we call Risk Assessments (or RAP's) in which we will use highly complex tools to dig deep into your environment and find issues before they become issues. One of the most popular is the Active Directory Risk Assessment Program (ADRAP - which I spend a lot of time doing) but we also have them for Exchange, SQL, Cluster, etc.

So that's what I do.

Who am I? Well, I am married, I have two kids, I live in Oklahoma City, I travel just about every week, I LOVE NASCAR (go Kyle Busch #18!), camping, boating, spending time with my family when I'm in town, watching OU football, and generally I live by the philosophy work hard/play hard. Or if you like the corporate version better, "work-life balance." In other words, I'm one of those guys who have a vacation balance of "0" at the end of every year and I'm not impressed when people tell me, "yeah, I've got a whole week-and-a-half left over on my vacation balance." If your management is impressed by facts like that, you're in the wrong job in my opinion. At the same time, you'll always find me at or near the top of the stack ranks when end-of-year. Why? Because I am that special? No, because I LOVE my job and I LOVE the company I work for.

That's it. That's me. :)