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  • Blog Post: Coming soon: Microsoft Manual of Style, 4th Edition

    The 4th edition of the Microsoft Manual of Style – essentially the English Style Guide for Microsoft products - has been released to manufacturing and will available in ebook versions (PDF, ePub, Mobi/Kindle) and hard copy in a few weeks. The new edition is a major update of the last edition from...
  • Blog Post: Localizing Windows Phone apps: New terminology and Style Guides posted

    Another 15 localization style guides for developing international Windows Phone apps have just been made available by the Windows Phone team. Style guides provide instructions to help ensure that your app speaks to the user in the same tone, style and level of formality as Windows Phone itself. For...
  • Blog Post: How to suggest language support for Windows Phone

    If your language is not currently supported on Windows Phone, the Windows Phone Suggestion Box is a handy site to make your voice heard and vote up suggestions from other users. Once an idea has been implemented, you'll see a small COMPLETED label.
  • Blog Post: New Windows Phone glossaries: Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Malay

    If you are developing Windows Phone apps in Simplified Chinese , Indonesian or Malay, you can now find the translations of the user interface and key terminology on the Language Portal Online Search . The terminology includes translations of key Windows Phone UI such as “live tile”, “Marketplace”...
  • Blog Post: New feature for Windows Phone devs: Automatic translation of user reviews

    You’ve launched your app and are starting to see user reviews and comments in the Windows Phone Store. But what if those comments are in Chinese, Brazilian or Arabic - and you only speak English? A new automatic translation tool on the Windows Phone Dev Center now allows app developers to...