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  • Blog Post: Portuguese spelling reform in Brazil

    On January 1 st , 2009, Brazil started adopting the new spelling rules, defined in the Spelling Agreement signed in 1990 by seven Portuguese-speaking countries. Grammarians estimate that the spelling reform affects 0.5% of the Portuguese (Brazil) lexicon. In Brazil, there will be a 4-year transition...
  • Blog Post: Implementing the Portuguese spelling reform in Portugal

    A few days ago, we posted the new and updated European Portuguese Style Guide . With this new edition, we will now begin to gradually adopt the Portuguese spelling reform in new products and services until the expiry of the transition period in Portugal in 2014. The topic Portuguese Spelling Reform in...
  • Blog Post: Spelling Reform Topic Updated in Portuguese (Brazil) Style Guide

    The 5 th edition of Vocabulário Ortográfico da Língua Portuguesa (VOLP) was published on March 19, 2009, clarifying the points that were obscure in the official text of the Spelling Agreement. In Portuguese (Brazil) Style Guide available on the Language Portal , the topic Portuguese Spelling Reform was...