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  • Blog Post: Cultural awareness and product development/localization

    Sarah Dillon in There's something about translation has a very interesting post on multilingualism and cultural identity and their implications for language professionals. It made me reflect on cultural awareness and the role it plays in the development and localization of Microsoft products. As an...
  • Blog Post: Localization, globalization and localizability

    The term localization describes the translation and adaptation for a local market of a program originally developed in a different market and in a different language, usually English. Localization activities include translating the user interface, resizing dialog boxes, customizing features (if necessary...
  • Blog Post: How are we doing?

    The Language Portal ( ) has been available for over a year, now and we would like to hear what you think so far! Is the site helping you in your daily work? What areas do you use most often? What is particularly useful about being able to search for terms...