Telco Insights

  • Microsoft at TM Forum: The Road to Successful Cloud Partnerships

    The telecom industry is in a race. A race to provide the latest and greatest network technologies (currently it’s LTE, but before that it was 3G). Telecom companies spend almost 15% of their revenue each year in capital expenses for their network. With industry revenue at $2 trillion, this equates to $300 billion in investments across the industry, and there is a widespread lack of confidence in the ROI of this $300 billion. Telecom operators don’t make money on Over The TOP (OTT) services traveling down their data network; for example, they don’t see revenue from the videos...
  • South African IT Firm Chooses Office 365 from Vodacom

    South Africa’s burgeoning IT market is one of the largest in Africa. New technologies are creating new ways of doing business, and IT service providers are

  • Meet Steve Mantle

    Meet Steve Mantle, born an Australian, later moved to the USA. As Industry Solution Manager for Communications Sector Telco sell-to (selling Microsoft solutions to telecommunications companies) team, Steve is responsible for the Telco Digital Marketing and Telco Server/Datacenter Solutions. How did you end up at Microsoft? My career has spanned IT, systems engineering and business development...leading me to design and build out FTTX/triple play networks for telcos, universities and military bases. Living just 2 miles from Microsoft's Redmond campus made it almost impossible to...
  • Unification, It’s the Name of the Game

    The Unified Communications (UC) market is maturing, and not before time. The move to selling "business productivity" solutions rather than glorified outsourced application management is resonating with companies who see the benefit of bringing all of their communications needs into one integrated and cost effective "bundle". The fact that service providers have previously struggled to bring all of their communications offerings into one coherent package can be attributed to a number of factors, chief among them the difficulty of reconciling fixed and mobile voice & data, email, Internet...
  • Telefónica Touts Commitment to Windows Phone 8 in Key Markets Worldwide

    There was big news from Telefónica today, as it announced an arrangement to put additional marketing muscle behind Windows Phone 8 devices in the key markets