May, 2013

  • Telecom Employees' Use and Perceptions of Enterprise Social Tools

    Earlier this week we released global research enterprise social use and perceptions, and all this week we’re diving into specific industries to take a deeper look at the

  • Indian Apparel Maker Enjoys Benefits of Office 365 from Bharti Airtel

    Last month Microsoft held its second annual Sales and Marketing syndication summit in Madrid, Spain, focused on our service provider partners who are syndicating

  • Telefonica deploying Office 365 and Yammer to gain competitive edge

    Telefónica, one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers, has more than 130,000 employees and operates in 25 countries. As of December 2012, Telefónica’s

  • Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Is Your Back Office Ready?

    - this post was written by Steve Kludt, Product Line Manager at CHR Solutions According to Forrester Research, customer experience leaders outperform their counterparts by 22.5%*. In a market where escalating competition and declining regulatory support continue to apply pressure on Communication Service Providers (CSPs), this is a stat that can’t be ignored. As CSPs fight to remain relevant and profitable there is an ever growing need to elevate the customer experience while reducing operating costs. Contrary to popular belief, these goals need not be mutually exclusive. Microsoft...
  • Template for Future-Ready Digital Services

    - this post was contributed by TechMahindra, who has joined us in the Microsoft booth at TM Forum Nice this week. Enterprises and Corporations conduct business globally and engage with an ecosystem of suppliers and consumers as part of their business processes. CxOs of these organizations have to continuously evaluate new technologies and apply them in their business processes to ensure that the global machinery is well-coordinated, cost-effective and efficient in catering to business needs. At Tech Mahindra / Mahindra Satyam, we have identified that there is a strong need for business transformation...