January, 2011

  • T-Mobile Family Room

    By Joseph Hofstader, Microsoft Cloud Computing Architect/Evangelist


    I am excited to talk with you about the T-Mobile Family Room application for Windows Phone 7, powered by Windows Azure.  The T-Mobile Family Room is an application that allows family members to communicate and collaborate through a secure social network using an intuitive user interface on their Windows Phone 7.  This application is currently pre-installed on all Windows Phones distributed by T-Mobile.

    Earlier this year, Deloitte published their Telecommunications Predictions for 2010.  Among other forecasts, Deloitte predicted that a convergence of mobile voice and social networking would occur this calendar year.  It is unquestionable that the blending of social networking and mobile communications has already dramatically changed the way people communicate:  online services like Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live have existed for years  allowing individuals to publish messages to their contacts from anywhere they have an Internet connection.