The one thing constant at Microsoft is change and this past year has seen a lot of change on the Webcast/Virtual Lab team. After many years of stability managing the TechNet Webcast program, Dean Andrews moved to a new emerging media position and Katheryn Baker took the helm. After just a few months Katheryn moved over to MSDN and I took over as the TechNet Webcast/Podcast/Virtual Lab guy. Well, after four short months we're shaking things up again and I'll be moving over the take over the MSDN online media program and Anthony Tsim will be taking over my role in TechNet.

When I took over this blog in May, I laid down a manifesto to help revamp how users consume our media. I wanted to help improve our programs' discoverability, usability and ease of getting into our resources (ie. registration). I'm happy to report we're making advances on all fronts, although they may not be visible quite yet. On discoverability, we added keyword search capability to the "Find Events and Webcasts" link at the top of the left column of our landing pages. That was a no brainer but if you only knew what it took just to get that. The other two are high on our priority list and hope to have some tangible results within the next few months including a wider a variety of online media.

So I'll be picking things up on the developer side of things. Thanks for tuning in.

Scott Lum