Microsoft just announced a collaborative work with NASA to create a 3-D photo experience using a product under development called Photosynth: Photosynth takes a collection of photographs and stitches them together for a rich, immersive environment. Check out the Space World site which is created in conjunction with NASA, Microsoft Live Labs and MSNBC:

There are a bunch of other Photosynch collections worth checking out including a Britain in Pictures: BBC Collection, Gyeongbokgung - a South Korean Temple, Piazza San Marco, VeniceGrassi Lakes in the Canadian Rockies, Gary Faigin Art Studio and Piazza San Pietro, Rome.  

As a photographer, I love this stuff! The engaging experience that Photosynth brings to the site is almost as good as being there live - and in many cases it's even better. I've always preferred a good photograph to video because of how it freezes time and tells a story of how the photographer interpreted the moment. Photosynth brings all of these moments together and tells a story and the high resolution images let me explore details that I might otherwise have missed if I was there in person.

I could go on and on about all of the cool things you can discover on with Photosynth but it’s something you’ve just got to check out for yourself.

Happy exploring.

Scott Lum