I'm a month late but I wanted say farewell to George Pulikkathara who has been the MSDN Webcast Marketing Manager for the past six years: http://blogs.msdn.com/msdnwebcasts/archive/2007/06/30/good-bye-george-msdn-webcasts-guy-hello-george-mcp-community-guy.aspx . You may be familiar with George who supported the MSDN Webcast Blog, but you may not have known that he was one of the original creators of the Webcast team in the US Marketing team. There had been several groups at Microsoft creating ad hoc Webcasts and George and a few others decided to consolidate the Webcast engine into a single group. Over the past six years, the team has created over 5000 Webcasts between IT Pro and Developers. The team has since grown to include other media such as Podcasts and hands-on Virutal Labs.

George has done a bunch for the Webcast team but my favorite is the creation of the MSDN Webcast Guy. It started off as a single foam character with a red cape. The program has since grown to seven characters as part of the Source Fource: http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/hero/. If you were at TechEd for the past couple of years you may have seen the life size characters roaming the floor and you may even have picked one up at the Webcast station.

George has moved on to promoting the Microsoft Certified Professional program in Microsoft Learning. Best wishes on your new position George. We'll miss you in Webcast land.

Scott Lum