The Online Media Team, who creates the Microsoft Webcasts and Virtual Labs, just released a newer format of audio Podcasts. Up until now, if you went to, all of the content on the site has been audio stripped out of our Webcasts. Not an ideal learning environment because you don’t get to see the presenter’s demos but for many, it was still a good way to learn about our products during your commute or while working out. So finally, we’re coming out with a new series of content that is created directly for audio and in a shorter format (10-20 mins) so that it may be easier to consume in a single session.

Tomato-Tomaaato/Potato-Potaaato/Podcast-Webcast Audio. So, if you’re scanning our Podcast site looking for some helpful audio content, how can you tell which is which? The short format, direct to audio content will be labeled “Podcasts” and the audio that we stripped out from the Webcasts will be labeled “Webcast Audio”.  Also, the short format Podcasts will generally be at the top of each section and the Webcast Audio will follow.

Check out the new Office Podcasts:

·         Enhancing the Effectiveness of Your Team and Community with Groove 2007 Workspaces

·         Improving Data Analysis with Excel 2007 PivotTables and PivotCharts

·         Process-Driven Collaboration with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Outlook 2007

·         Sharing PowerPoint 2007 Slide Content

Scott Lum