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Waitin' for my Bluecast to come (TechEd)

Waitin' for my Bluecast to come (TechEd)

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We're into day 3 here at TechEd for Bluecasting, and it's been a wild ride so far.  Much learning to report on this pilot of the Bluecasting technology.
The good news?  Many attendees here are more than willing to participate in Bluecasting, and willing to turn their mobile device's Bluetooth settings to discoverable in order to get the content.   I really thought that was going to be an issue, and it hasn't been.  What has been an issue is the sheer number of Bluetooth devices within range of the Bluecasting servers, and what a load that's put on the system. 
Day 1 started with a bang.   Especially at our Windows Mobile booth, where they were giving away T-shirts if you showed the graphic that you received via Bluecasting.  We were overwhelmed. 

 Here’s a shot of all the folks trying to get the content on their mobile devices. 

Needless to say, the servers couldn’t keep up, and people got backed up in the que, and some people never got the content.  Not the best initial experience. 

So Day 1 ended with us needing a game plan to come back on Day 2 with a better plan.  We consolidated locations from six to three, and beefed up capacity at the remaining three locations, to increase performance and customer satisfaction.  
Day 2 and 3 have gone better, as the Bluecasting company, Filter, ordered some more antennas to build capacity at our three locations.  

Here’s Tom Korczak, our rep from Filter here from London, setting up some of the antennas. 

And Tom helping some attendees with Bluecasting.  We’ve been doing a lot of that this week.  

Another issue run into this week is that some mobile devices are setup by the manufacturer such that they can’t receive content via Bluetooth.   Thus they can’t get Bluecasting as hard as one may try.   Blackberry and some others are in this boat.  

The Virtual TechEd folks shot a video interview of Tom and I yesterday.  I’ll post a link to it when they make it live on the Virtual TechEd site.  One of the big learnings of this pilot so far that I forgot to mention under the lights and camera, is the fact that there are so many Bluetooth devices out here.  That’s a primary reason why the Bluecasting servers get so backed up, because they’re pinging all of them, even the ones that can’t receive the content, so it’s making for longer wait wait wait times for attendees who actually are trying to get the content.  These issues remind me of the early days of Wi-Fi here at TechEd.

So if you’re trying to get the Bluecast content, please be patient!  (my phone, the Samsung Blackjack, actually receives content within about a minute, but I know that’s not the case for most folks with other phones).  This is really Bluecasting 1.0 in my book.   Killer concept that we’ve proved people like and will participate in.  Need to ramp up on the technical infrastructure for a better customer experience if we do this again. 

So here we are, Waitin’ for my Bluecast to come (with all props to Jason Mraz and his Waitin’ for my rocket to come album title)











Dean Andrews



  • Dean, glad to hear we are working through the's so exciting!

  • It would be useful to publish a list of devices that are unable to receive content via Bluetooth and put that up by the Bluecast signs so people don't waste time (and batteries!) trying to download content.

  • Dean Andrews posted over on the TechNet Webcast Weblog about the Bluecast feature at TechEd and some of the issues...

  • Una buena variedad para elegir el dispositivo que uno desee.... Aqui una recopilacion de las imagenes

  • Hi Guys,

    I would like to hire an experienced .net developer to build a bluecasting app for me. I pretty much just need a clone of

    Contact me at if you are this person or know the right person.


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