I've never been a sheriff before!  I look forward to moseying down the Microsoft halls in search of new and exciting TechNet Webcasts.

First, I have to thank Dean for the great introduction!  He passes along a very prosperous and respected program and I hope to continue the same.  The great news is that Dean isn't leaving the group, just moving over to the head up the Emerging Media program for the team.  He's been a big help during this transition and I definitely owe him big time for all of the support he's given me along the way.

On to Webcasts!  There is always a lot of activity in the TechNet Webcast world and this spring is shaping up to be no different.  With Vista, Office and Exchange launches brings a lot of exciting new content.  We will also be featuring a great series on Windows Server "Longhorn" kicking off in April-so stay tuned for more information on that in the future.

As you know, the 24 hours of Exchange Webcast series has launched and it's going great!  Harold Wong, as previously mentioned deserves another pat on the back for another job well done!  He's also been kind enough to scrub the Webcast Q & A's from his sessions and post them on his blog.  Comments on his new series are superb, complete with someone suggesting he needs a raise.  I hope his manager was listening. :)

I will seriously try to keep this blog up to date with upcoming TechNet Webcasts and information about the program.  Please feel free to use this blog as often as you like, as I hope that I can carry the torch as well as Dean has.

Great to be on board!