The latest version of the "Best of TechNet Webcasts" is ready for your viewing and listening pleasure.  This show is a great way to introduce yourself to TechNet webcasts.  It's no registration, just click and go, with short 3 to-10 min. segments of quality content.  This edition has the intellectual prowess of Blain Barton explaining the new features of configuring DFS replication for Branch Office solutions in Windows Server 2003 R2.   Also Chris Henley gives you strategies for selecting and refining  an Active Directory structure.   Then  Keith Combs takes a sneak peek at creating an answer file for Wndows Vista image using System Image Manager.

All of these guys are from our Microsoft Across America team, and they know their stuff.    Get a little learning in a short chunk, and let me know what you think of this format.  We have a feedback link on the webcast template, but here it is again: Feedback on Best of TechNet Webcasts

Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts