Let's face it.  TechEd's really about the swag.   That's why you pay your $2,000, or $1500, whatever it is, to come to Boston.   For the Tshirts.   Well, I know the suspense is killing the 39 readers of this blog.   You got my post awhile back letting you know about the upcoming Tshirt. 
Well, hold your breath no longer.  TechEd is starting today, and it's time to come clean. 
Here it is:

Showin' love to the ITPros.  It's really because of the IT Professional that we have any networks at all.  It's because of the ITPro that you can read this blog, and that your email worked today.   Sure, the developer wrote the code, but it ain't squat unless you can deploy and manage it.    So drop by the TechNet booth this week.   Play our TechNet game.   Get a Tshirt.   Amaze your friends.   Say hi to Jason and me.  Live life to the fullest. 

And for those of you not coming to TechEd, remember you can view alot of sessions live as simulcasts at:  https://www1.msteched.com/content/webcasts.aspx
Looking fwd. to talking with you,
Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts