Heck, I'll plug TechNet webcasts whereever you'll let me.  Check out the plug on this week's TechNet Radio show.  This was the first of hopefully a twice/month little spot highlighting what's hot with upcoming webcasts.

If you dare listen, my spot starts at 28:55 and runs through about 31:30.

I highlight three webcast series we've got going right now, and start with a main TechNet webcast page: 

  1. TechNet Webcasts
  2. SQL Server 2005 for the IT Professional Series with Kimberly Tripp
  3. Windows Vista: Improve your desktop security and deployment strategy
  4. Tech-Ed Webcast Series

Viva La Webcasts! 
(btw...hope to see you at TechEd in Boston)

Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts