The on-demand webcast for Kimberly's March 10 first session of the "SQL Server 2005 for the IT Professional" series is now ready.  I wanted to get this out to you since we had technical server issues that caused 400 of you not to be able to attend the live webcast.  I greatly apologize for this- it was a very frustrating Friday on this end.   For the couple hundred that could attend, the feedback was very good, so it's worth reviewing the on-demand version. 
We sent an email out on Saturday to all 1,300 registrants with these same links, so folks could get quick access to the content. 

Also, Kimberly did a blog post with related resources and more commentary on the webcast, so check that out as well.  

Hopefully this Friday we're back to normal for session #2!

Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts