If you work with Exchange 2003 in your environment, we've got some content to help you out.  I'm talkin' about two webcast series coming up in the next few months.   Exchange Exchange Exchange.  Exchange Server 2003 SP2, and then a 14-part series to go in-depth on deploying and managing Exchange in your network.  Check out the site and register at: http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/tnexchangeserver.mspx

And for those of you that like to get something beyond knowledge with the use of your time, we've got some goodies as well. 
There's certificates of attendance for watching four of the SP2 Week webcasts (so can show your boss you weren't just wasting time surfing the net), and we've got a smartphone giveaway for the Exchange In-Depth series.  More details on that later.

Good content here.  I'd recommend it if Exchange is in your life, or going to be soon.

Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts