Our continuing series of TechNet webcasts designed to get you ready for SQL Server 2005 rolls on, with over 15 webcasts between now and July 1st, focusing on topics like "What's New in the Database Storage Engine", "Upgrading to SQL Server 2005" and "SQL Server 2005 Troubleshooting".  We'll actually be having webcasts every month in the next year on various themes around SQL Server 2005.   But I didn't want you to miss the great content we have in the next two weeks.   So sign up now for these free ways to learn more and ask your questions at the SQL Server 2005 TechNet webcast page.   If you like prizes, we got them too.  If you attend three webcasts in the series, and fill out evaluations, you'll get a SQL T-shirt.   Check out more cool stuff and all the specifics at the webcast page. 

Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts