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Thoughts from the TechEd floor- Webcasts

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So this is day 3 of TechEd, and it's been a busy time down in the TechEd show floor booths.  Boy, was there a response on Monday, Day 1 for our "Get a Tshirt if you sign up on our blog, or post on our blog" deal.  There were so many folks coming at our team, that our four machines couldn't keep up, and we got a bit overwhelmed.  See the shot below of Angela and Sarah on our team being consumed by the shirt frenzy.  I'd like to think that all the ITPros and developers were there because they saw the blog deal, but in reality, I'm sure alot of folks smelled shirts and day 1 of swag and came a runnin'.  Either way, we've got some good posts on the blog, and folks chiming in on our webcasts and the new blog.  Thanks for stopping by. 

After the shirt frenzy died down, I got an opportunity to talk to many of you about thoughts of webcasts.  Many of you that stopped by use TechNet webcasts, and get value from them.   Glad to hear it.   The biggest piece of feedback I heard from multiple of you was "IMPROVE THE DISCOVERABILITY".   "WHY CAN'T I DO A SIMPLE SEARCH FOR THE WEBCASTS I WANT, THAT'S MORE THAN JUST SEARCHING BY PRODUCT?"  Got that feedback loud and clear.  People are pleased with the content and experience of the webcasts (overall), but finding them is just too darn hard.   This is feedback we'll take back to our team members on (and believe me, we've already been talking about the need for better discoverability-- you're confirming our discussions).  One step we can take is to improve our RSS feeds.  Both on (which by the way we do have some on the ITPro and Dev. pages), and on our new TechNet Webcasts and Events Bloggers site.  Stay tuned for better experience on those. 

Otherwise, got some great comments about value of webcasts, and the learnings and connection with Microsoft you've gained via Webcasts.  I emailed Paul from Canada to get more info on his great experience.   Hopefully will have more specifics later.  Here's Georgeop, MSDN Webcasts man, talking to one of you.   Great discussions!  Thanks for talking.  If you haven't stopped by, I'm at the booth all day Thursday.

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  • Thanks for the webcasts. I have attended 6 so far and everyone has been flawless, and execellent. Wish I could be there in person but, the webcasts make that possible.

    Nice thing to, I can drink a beer and watch at the same time.

    THanks for a great service to us stuck peoples

  • This is from Monday morning at the Webcasts pod in the product pavilion. Thanks to Dean Andrews for...

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