We've recently launched a new blogger site at http://techneteventsbloggers.net that will allow you to quicky connect with other bloggers who have presented at, or attended TechNet Webcasts and TechNet Events and have shared interests in learning about Microsoft tools and technologies. The site is free to all and anyone from anywhere can add their blogs here. Starting today, we're going to also be offering a blue tooth wireless Microsoft mouse to the blogger whose post is viewed the most on our site. We'll do this once a month. To be fair to all if you win once, you can't win again for another 12 months (We want to spread the good will around a bit here).

So check out this site and let others know about it. We'll aslo have blog flair buttons soon that you can add to your blogs.
MSDN Events and Webcasts also launched their bloggers site.  If you love developer speak, check out: http://msdneventsbloggers.net
Come join the conversation.

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