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Welcome to the Land of TechNet Webcasts

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It's time. 
Time to enter the brave new world of the blogosphere.  Time to talk about TechNet Webcasts.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Dean Andrews, and I manage the TechNet webcast program here at Microsoft.  I've been at Microsoft a long time.  13 years.  Wow, that's a long time at Microsoft.  A lot happens in 13 years.  Got married the same year I started Microsoft.  Still married and still enjoying Microsoft. 

I've worked in different groups at Microsoft, but all the jobs I've had included a common thread of using multimedia to communicate with people.  I'll talk more later about the evolution I've seen in the distance learning world.  Guess that term is old school.  Should I say e-learning world?

So I'm here now because of you, the IT Professional.  You're keeping your company's network up and running.  You're planning, you're managing, you're deploying, you're supporting all the great technology that makes our companies run.  Hopefully some of it is on Microsoft technology! [:)]

TechNet webcasts are designed to get you the content you need, in an easy-to-consume online fashion, AND provide you access to industry experts who actually know what they're talking about.  In a live webcast, you can get your questions answered in a Q&A chat fashion while the main presenter delivers the bulk of the stuff you need to know.  If your schedule doesn't permit you attending live, you can view all webcasts on-demand whenever you want.  And we now make our webcasts downloadable for offline viewing.  I'm here to make sure you get the content and experience you need. 

So I'd love to use this forum to both communicate what we're up to with TechNet webcasts, and also hear from you about your experience.  What's valuable to you?  What do we do that makes sense?  What's brain-dead stupid? (I already know a few here...)  How can we improve your experience with webcasts, and ultimately, with Microsoft? 

If you haven't tried a TechNet webcast, then what a shame.  Please do.  You can find a listing of webcasts in multiple locations.  Here's two:  TechNet Webcast page and the events and webcasts site.   Then let me know what you think.  

More later.


  • This post prompted me to go look at the search capabilities. I see we can now search for a webcast based on a product, timeframes, etc.


    This should be a welcome change. Thanks for making it happen.

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