We're pleased to announce the launch of the Windows Mobile TechCenter at: http://technet.microsoft.com/mobile/default.aspx.

Windows Mobile works with your existing Microsoft technology and infrastructure, delivering a scalable, familiar platform for mobile messaging and line-of-business applications.  Here's the breakdown of information the TechCenter provides:

Evaluate and compare Windows Mobile powered devices, including Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone and Smartphone for your business. Learn more about these integrated mobile devices and how best to manage them effectively in your organization.

Find information and resources to help you plan for mobile business solutions, including information on secure deployment, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and more.

Find content and resources to help you deploy Windows-Mobile devices in your organization including how to install/upgrade/migrate, networking, security, laptop mobility, and more.


Learn about operating and maintaining Windows Mobile-based devices including information on security, service packs, updates, tools, and what’s new.