Eric's TechEd 2006 Swag Report #5

How am I going to get a beanbag chair on the plane?

Thursday, June 15: Today is the last and best chance to get your hands on the freebies, when the expo floor closes at 3:00 that’s all she wrote… SWAG Grabber Tip # 4: Don’t forget to proudly display your new stash of goodies. Several of the exhibitors are giving away the premium stuff to those that are unafraid to shamelessly advertise for them. And speaking of these great prizes, this stealth floor crawler has seen some truly premium prizes like: an ultra-mobile PC, Digital Cameras, every flavor of IPod (shuffle, nano, video), an RC mini-Hummer, an IRiver, Mobile devices (Treo 700, Blackberry, etc), PSPs, Xbox (dozens), cash ($500 - $2,000 - $3,000 - $5,000), a Garmin GPS, full version software, smart license library, Sirius satellite radio, and all of the conference center beanbag chairs. My favorites of this years Give-Aways come from: EMC2 (Booth 101) who, along with all of the other shirts, USB, and other gadgets they are passing out, is giving away a 20” Samsung flat-screen TV; NetApp (Booth 616) is handing out a Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet PC; and Citrix (Booth 409) is awarding a 100 GB personal DVR.

  There are a couple of booths with fast talking magicians, one wielding a samurai sword trying not to dismember his thumbs… and a few of the best games include: Microsoft TechNet (community & learning center area) Jeopardy - test your trivia knowledge for some great swag; Idera (Booth 447/449) Plinko – like a giant pachinko machine of prizes; and Compuware (Booth 417) Spin The Wheel – ‘nuff said.

UPDATE: 2:50 PM and the last of the winners is being announced at booths across the expo floor… In a last ditch and somewhat furious effort to not have to ship or carry home the left-overs… SWAG is now flying through the air into any hand that will catch it. …2:58 …2:59 …3:00 EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL… peace at last