I spent most of Thursday attending the breakout sessions and a few hours here and there to get my regular day job done.  Then I stowed away my backpack full of DVDs, tech magazines, and swags, at my hotel room. 

Around 6:00pm, we had to get on a school bus which took us to Fenway Park for a TechEd Attendee Party (live concert by the Train).  Why a school bus and not a luxurious, air-conditioned bus?  Well, most of the bus drivers were on strike.  Under the circumstances, I do applaud the group who managed transportation (at TechEd) to provide alternate means of ride to Fenway.

My first time at the historic ballpark -- glancing at the pictures of Ted Williams and the young "Rocket"...photo op!  I had an opportunity to walk around the outer skirts of the field and saw a manually-kept scoreboard -- which had "Microsoft" playing "Boston"...photo op!  As for the Visitors dugout, I jumped right out before taking one step to go in it.  The noisome aroma definitely kept me away for a nice photo opportunity.  No wonder Boston's opponent in the 2004 World Series lost.  Just kidding, Bostonians.