Day 4 was a quieter day...except for the attendees who were still flooding the hallways of the Boston Convention Center to watch World Cup soccer.

I had the opportunity to attend Bryan K.'s Systems Management Server 2003 R2 presentation.  He did a good job explaining and demo-ing the new features of R2, but some of the attendees were still scratching their heads.  Poor souls -- try it out at the hands-on labs (believe me it's not FULL.  Almost a quarter of the attendees who signed up for the labs have already stationed themselves near a TV for non-stop soccer).

I was then off to the TechNet booth, manning the Online kiosk.  Later, Kevin R. came to relieve me so that I can help out with the TechNet Challenge game, which I mentioned in my Day 2 diary.  Kevin posted a picture of the game (as well as a side-to-back profile of me) in his weblog.  I must say, the game was absolutely successful.  In order for visitors to get their hands on the cool prizes -- t-shirts, caps, portable toolset, etc., they would need to first play the game and visit one of the many TechNet program kiosks.  Otherwise, we would be wiped out of all our swags on the first day of TechEd.

At the end of the day, before boarding my hotel bus, I cheered "Go Team USA!" to all the World Cup soccer viewers in the hallway.  And they all were snickering -- was it at me or what I said?  (I told you I had issues)