Day 3 was my full day of attending System Center products-related breakout sessions, and maybe get into already full Hands-On lab sessions.  To my surprise, the Hands-On labs were about 70 percent full...and I was ecstatic to get in and get my hands whet.

Now why were the sessions noted as "Full" in TechEd's sessions scheduler if there were some seats available?  Ah-ha, I see.  There were a large number of attendees focused on the TVs (outside the Expo Hall) rooting for their favorite World Cup soccer teams.

After a full day of breakout sessions and hands-on labs, I was ready to go to the TechNet Magazine and MSDN Magazine Party at the Boston Billiards Club near Fenway Park.  Only invited guests were able to go in the Club.  What a great place...there were literally 50 pool tables.  It was an open bar (all you can drink) and finger foods were available.  It was nice to see Josh T. (magazine editor), Casey J. (MSCom Ops), Jeff T. (MSCom Ops), Anthony T. (Virtual Labs Guy), and Kathy D. (TechNet subscriptions).

Two hours later, I walked by the Avalon, where the TechEd Jam Session was held.  Very lame!  Compared to the Magazine party.  It was hard to watch TechEd attendees participate in karaoke-style performances.  What's so horrendous is having a nightmare about it. (Feeling nauseated)