The TechNet Guy's right-hand man, Eric B., wants to share his Swag report with you.  Please keep in mind that his report does not reflect the views of The TechNet guy (however, if they're good, I'll take it).

Eric's Swag Report
Welcome to Boston, let TechEd 2006 begin
Sunday June 11: Coincidentally, because my hotel check in is not until after 3:00 PM, early arrival at the registration area today proved to be very advantageous and relaxed, as I was confronted in several passes later in the day by huge crowds all trying to get their hands on this years badge and coveted TechEd bag filled with goodies, including the latest Betas (Office 2007, Vista, longhorn Server...) from Microsoft. My quick and very unscientific poll of the crowd garnered mixed reviews of this years bag with some attendees loving it for the exact reasons other don't like it at all. This years messenger style bag is much smaller and more lightweight than past years backpacks, but is also able to carry much less swag. It is easier to manage for some and annoying to others because of the cross body strap, and there is no real external pockets for essentials like a water bottle. A great surprise at the evenings keynote by Bob Muglia, Ray Ozzie, and Chris Capossela, besides the light/compass on my seat, was the show stealing appearances of TV's 24 IT Pro super-goddess Chloe O'brien (MaryLynn Rajskub) who was charming, surprisingly very funny and even made a few lucky developers night with an unscheduled group hug on stage.
Where is the best swag at TechEd 2006?
Monday June 12: The floodgates opened at noon and the freebie frenzy began. I quickly discovered in my hunt for the best and most creative of this years expo hall giveaways SWAG grabber tip #1: look for a long line or crowds of people bunched up around an exhibitor's booth. From the corner of my eye, I spotted the best non-swag swag of the event at booth 719, the Business Objects Massage Center, the makers of Crystal Reports are inviting attendees to completely relax and learn about the latest technology for integrating reports into their applications. Arrive early at this booth as seats for the entire day go very quickly. SWAG grabber tip #2: Ask someone "Where'd you get that?" this tip led me to the most creative freebie at booth 1047. Northern Parklife, inc. was handing out and stylishly adjusting Furry Antlers on attendees... yes fuzzy antlers, but wait they spotted at least one lucky attendee wearing the antlers on the floor and presented them with a brand new Sony PSP.