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July, 2005

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Data Encryption and Integrity

    The August edition of The Cable Guy article describes the details of the WPA2 implementation of AES CCMP for encryption, decryption, and data integrity validation of 802.11 wireless frames. Check it out.
  • TechNet Web Launch: Windows Vista Beta Site

    We're pleased to announce that the new Windows Vista Beta 1 site for IT Pros on TechNet launched today, July 27. You can check out the new site at
  • Get Windows Vista with TechNet Plus!

    The Beta 1 version of Windows Vista will ship to TechNet Plus subscribers in September. Be one of the first to try out the latest desktop operating system from Microsoft. Find out more about TechNet Plus subscriptions .
  • Volume Licensing: Major SA Program Enhancements

    Microsoft Announces Major Software Assurance Program Enhancements Microsoft invites all customers and partners to attend one of four global webcasts live on September 15, 2005 . Senior Microsoft executives will introduce several new technology,...
  • IDC Study on Desktop Deployment

    IDC conducted a web survey of approximately 1,600 IT executives from the U.S., Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Hungary to quantify and describe the services opportunities for desktop deployments, with a focus on Windows...
  • LIVE: July 2005 IIS Insider on TechNet

    This month's IIS Insider article is now available for viewing on TechNet. Here are the breakdown of topics: Changing Attributes of the Root Partition for a Mounted Volume Centralizing Log Management to Reduce Data Mining with IIS 6.0 Troubleshooting...
  • Scripting MOM: Part 2 - Getting Data into a Script

    Part 2 of a four-part article series on MOM scripting is now live . The focus of Part 2 is getting data into a MOM script. This includes working with parameters and retrieving information from the MOM object that launches the script. Read up on it today...
  • Tools to Manage IIS Log Files

    Q : I have a fairly large shared IIS server at my company. We are trying to locate areas where we can simplify some management of the log files since handling over 1000 log files is somewhat tedious. We are running Windows Server 2003 with the latest...
  • Scripting Puzzle

    Each Friday, the Scripting Guys will post a new puzzle, a script that doesn’t work as expected . Your challenge is to figure out what’s wrong with the script and see if you can fix it. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you're welcome to send the solution...
  • Sesame Script

    Lots of scripting beginners have asked for more introductory articles on scripting, so the Scripting Guys have obliged by presenting them with a new series of monthly articles. Welcome to Sesame Script !
  • Download the MMS Scripting Lab Exercises

    You can write simple scripts to perform almost any SMS task. This set of introductory scripting exercises was used at the Microsoft Management Summit in 2005 to teach SMS Administrators how to connect to the SMS Provider, access SMS objects, and automate...
  • SMS 2003 Scripting Guide Online

    The guide is now in a Web-browseable format . Or you can download the version in Help format . The SMS 2003 Scripting Guide provides over 40 scripts, ranging from tasks such as creating advertisements to running queries. It explains the basics of SMS...