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  • Blog Post: DHCP Failover using PowerShell

    DHCP failover allows administrators to ensure high availability of DHCP service by ensuring that in the event of a DHCP server going down, DHCP clients are able to extend the leases on their current IP addresses by communicating with another DHCP server on the enterprise network. The administrator can...
  • Blog Post: Automatic syncing of scope configuration changes between 2 DHCP failover servers

    DHCP Failover is a new feature in Windows Server 2012 which provides for high availability of DHCP service. Two DHCP servers in a failover relationship synchronize the IP address lease information on a continual basis there by keeping their respective databases up-to-date with client information and...
  • Blog Post: DHCP Failover Hot-Standby Mode

    In the previous blog on DHCP Failover, we discussed the DHCP failover load balance mode where both DHCP servers respond to client requests and load balance the requests between them based on an admin specified load distribution ratio. In the other mode of a failover relationship, known as the Hot...