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  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2012 R2- Enhancing DHCP policies and DNS registrations in DHCP server

    Introduction Windows DHCP server can perform registration of DNS records with the DNS server on the behalf of its clients. Windows Server 2012 R2 enhances this DNS registration functionality in DHCP server. It provides you more flexibility in registering clients with the DNS server. You can now configure...
  • Blog Post: Option based IP Address assignment Callout Dll

    Overview DHCP administrators would like to manage address assignment in the network, by assigning IP address to DHCP clients based on vendor/user class identifier from distinct address ranges in the subnet. This functionality can be added to the Microsoft DHCP Server, by installing DHCP Server Option...
  • Blog Post: DHCP Policies using PowerShell

    The DHCP server role in Windows Server® 2012 introduces DHCP Policies also referred as Policy Based Assignment (PBA), a feature that enables users to create policies at scope or server level for assigning IPv4 addresses and options to DHCP clients based on attributes like Vendor Class, User Class...