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Team DHCP wants your feedback!

Team DHCP wants your feedback!

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  1. Is  there a particular feature in DHCP (eg. reservations, callout DLL,   failover, netsh, ...) that interests you?
  2. Have you customized the DHCP server, using scripts or external utilities to suit your environment?
  3. Are there features, that you would like to see,  in the next version of your favorite DHCP server?    

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above,  we would love to hear from you.    Please contact us at msnetworkteam_AT_live_dot_com.





(Keywords : DHCP, reservation, failover, mac filter, callout dll, split scope, 80-20 setup)


  • Hi there,

    I am trying to set up a Windows Server 2008 machine to be a DHCPv6 server for assigning IPv6 addresses to Vista client machines connected to a small internal network, however my client machines are unable to get these addresses. When I set up the server for DHCP (IPv4) it works as expected (IP addresses are assigned to the clients), but when I set it up for DHCPv6 it doesn't work. Are there additional services I need to install on the server with DHCPv6 in order to get the proper assignation of IPv6 addresses? Is there is a document or guide, even bullet points, available anywhere that walks-through the proper setup for DHCPv6 on WIndows Server 2008? I've purchased four very-pricey Windows Server 2008 books and so far all are very thin with anything to do regarding DHCPv6/IPv6 setup.



  • Hey Craig,

    Try the following

    In NetShell go to the interface ipv6 prompt,

    netsh interface ipv6 > set interface <interface number>  advertise=enabled  manageAddress=enabled .

    Here <interface number> is the name or id of the interface to which you have IPv6 binding to DHCP server.

    Please let me know if you still face any problem.

    Raunak Pandya

    DHCP Server Team

  • Hello,

    I read articles from topic "Extending Microsoft Snap-ins" in the MSDN ( Unfortunately I can not find any information about extending snap-in for DHCP server (and for DNS Server too). Is it possible?



  • I am having a problem with DHCP.  We currently have two DHCP servers that hand out addresses.  Some times there are laptops that are on the wire for a day or two and then off the wire for a long period of time.  We have the lease time for 30 days.  We have had some issues where a laptop gets a lease for 30 days goes off the wire and comes back on the wire within 30 days and gets a different ip address.  This also happens with desktops sometimes too.  Has anyone else seen this problem.  Also there has not been a ipconfig /release done when the system leaves the wire


  • Can you provide more information: On which OS are the Dhcp clients running.

    Also, please mail Wireshark packet captures to, when Laptops are connected to the wire.

  • hi, i tried to make a redundant DHCP system with 2 nos. of servers in Cluster, with Microsoft tools and some simple works fine.

  • Did you use Windows Cluster?     What tools and scripts did you use for this?

  • Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

  • I'd like to see PowerShell Cmdlets to manage DHCP.

  • Ability to right click on a lease and turn it into a reservation.

    Or at least right click on a lease and copy the MAC address.

    And preferably call MAC addresses "MAC addresses" instead of "unique id"...

  • Thanks for the feedback Si,

    The ability to convert a lease to reservation by right clicking is there is Windows Server 2008 R2 DHCP Server. You may want to grab your hands on the Beta version available for download @ the Microsoft site.

    Regarding the naming of unique id to MAC address, most of the DHCP clients uses MAC address as the unique id similar to the old BOOTP protocol. However, this value need not be MAC address always and can be changed by Vendors and System Administrators hence the name Unique ID :)


    Raunak Pandya

    DHCP Server Team

  • Just installed Windows 2008 cluster with Dhcp. I am experiancing problems with the dhcp snapin being very slow and hanging up when trying to access the dhcp server on the cluster.. Any suggestions?


  • Setup a Windows 2008 cluster with DHCP.. The dhcp server snapin hangin up and enumerating the zones and reservations very slowly like taking 5 to 10 minutes to fully populate.. Any help would be appreciated..

  • Hey Andrew,

    This is a known problem in WS08 where if you do not have Reverse Lookup Zone configured in your DNS Server, DHCP MMC will be slow. The bug is fixed in WS08R2.

    Configure a Reverse lookup zone and try again.


    Raunak Pandya

  • Don't know if my last post was missed so just resending...

    I'm trying to set up a Windows Server 2008 CCR cluster using (non-Microsoft)DHCP for the Client Access networks. Can you let me know what I need to enter for the MAC Address/Unique ID information on the DHCP server? Thanks.

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