As announced on the Windows for your Business blog, Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6, including App-V for RDS, is now publicly available as part of MDOP 2010!!! In addition, MED-V 1.0 SP1 RC for Windows 7 is now available!

Virtualize applications to enable Access from Anywhere

§ App-V 4.6 is now compatible with 64-bit Windows client and server platforms, enabling IT to take advantage of x64 for client hardware refresh AND also deploy App-V to Windows Server 2008 R2 Terminal Services. The benefits: consolidate terminal server farms, simplify profile management and provide virtual applications via session virtualization for users using App-V with Remote Desktop Web Access and Connections, and Access Gateway.

§ App-V 4.6 enables Windows 7 mobile users to access apps on the road. Virtual applications can be made available offline and can be streamed over the internet and are currently supported in 11 languages, with 13 new languages coming in April to meet global business needs.

Improve application delivery & management using virtual applications with Windows 7

Through the App-V Cost Reduction Study and over 80 App-V customer case studies we see that customers are gaining real benefits by using App-V to improve their application delivery. They have saved time, money and simplified their application management.

§ App-V 4.6 and SCCM 2007 R2 SP2 now deliver virtual applications faster to users at logon. Users no longer need to wait for policy refresh to gain access to their applications.

§ App-V 4.6 saves on SAN storage space by using a cache of virtualized applications that is shared across all your VDI desktops, saving Gigs of space, eliminating duplicate applications and files, and enabling faster launch of your virtual applications.

Accelerate your adoption of Office 2010 with Microsoft Application Virtualization

App-V’s native streaming, no installation and isolation capabilities deliver Office 2010 faster than a traditional install and with less user productivity impact. Users can run multiple versions side by side, easing the learning curve associated with advancements like the ribbon user interface. IT has more time to migrate LOB applications dependent on older Office versions.

Cross product collaboration delivers seamless integration and new advancements in virtual Office 2010 and the Office family of products not previously available, this include:

  • Improved SharePoint integration to Open, Save, Edit files
  • Find your email items quickly with Outlook’s Fast Search
  • Send files from directly inside of Office products such as PowerPoint

Accelerate your migration to Windows 7 with desktop virtualization
In the migration to Windows 7 you may find applications that aren’t compatible, still require Internet Explorer 6, or cannot be fixed by traditional methods. MED-V can help you remove these deployment barriers.

Whether you are working on your Windows 7 migration plans or already ramping up a deployment, you can start building a MED-V environment and evaluate its capabilities. Check out the MED-V Quick Start guide and the MED-V Evaluation Guide and training videos.

The final release of MED-V 1.0 SP1 and 13 new localized languages of App-V 4.6 will be available in April 2010.