6.30PM on a Thursday evening can be a great time to start the weekend. I can heartily recommend a stop at the local boozer on the way home from work for a few IPAs as an excellent way to get into the Saturday spirit.

Perhaps its a generational thing, but many of my younger colleagues do not agree. Take James Senior, and Matt McSpirit for example. Their idea of a wind-down for the weekend is deliver a Cecil B.DeMille big production number presentation of all things Windows Vista in Falkirk on Thursday 27th September at 1800hrs.

In James' own words:

We're back by popular demand!  Matt and I are being unleashed on 4 cities up and down the UK to deliver a stonking array of innovations, hardware, gadgets all tied together by the magic of Microsoft software.  Last time around we played to packed crowds in Reading and Leeds, and this time we're going bigger, badder and further than ever before

For those who sepnd all their days thinking about technology in the workplace, James and Matt's Vista After Hours session will be a most entertaining way to understand how Vista, Media Centre, XBOX 360 and Home Server can deliver the full service consumer experience. Its about 80% full, so best get registered soon! I will be there as long as I can smuggle in a bottle of IPA...