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Gordon Frazer Managing Director of Microsoft UK... let's start at the top

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This is the first post on what we hope will be a long lived audio and Video blog site. If you want to know more about us click about link.

Microsoft UK have a new Managing Director. On the day his appointment was announced, I asked Gordon if he would appear in the first of these videos, and he said yes. When he'd been in the job for just 3 days, we recorded this interview with him.Off camera he was just as friendly and personable as he appears on it, and we've said we'll do another one in a few months time.

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  • There are days I jump in with both feet. One of those was the day that Gordon Frazer was announced as...

  • Thanks to James for boldly inviting Microsoft Ltd's new Managing Director to be our guinea pig for the...

  • right ok comments.

    This needs a better site, be it within channel 9, or building a UK based C9 however there is a strong british community within Channel 9 and having it based there makes more sense.

    another thing, i didn't like having to sign up here to post a comment on a "blog/vlog" i couldn't use my .net passport windows live whatever account to sign in that sucks.

    can i request an interview with the academic team in the UK, the people who make UK university roadshows, deal with students and such. i'd love to know more about them, what they do, and such.

    anyway great job so far, i'm sure this is gonna grow and grow, thank you so much.

  • A good start guys! An interview with Gordon, UK MD.

    I think it's a great idea to have a UK centric C9 for you technet types, but there is no reason why you couldn't come on join us on C9 too. C9 is always open for suggestion, more so now the guys are writing the next version and the video's are about everything Microsoft so this video wouldn't be out of place there too.

    The advantage of having a UK centric site is that we can have more focus on stuff thats specific to us. On a larger site such as C9 it can sometime get lost in the noise.

    As for suggestions of cool UK people to interview ...

    1) Eileen Brown ... because she is the first lady of tech at Microsoft UK, Queen of all things Technical and Exchange Guru ... and not forgetting the popular blog!
    2) Jason Landridge ... mobile guru, there is so much going on in mobility, Jason is worth a regular slot.
    3) Steve Cook ... UK Architecture Guru, Whitehorse is going to change things for developers and tech's a like. It's time to get the inside track with the guy on the inside.
    4) The UK community ... come to our events, Geek Dinner, Girl Geek Dinners ... interview the main characters in our community.
    5) Lous Gellar ... what life like in the new UK business unit?
    6) Tech Support ... theses are the guys/girls we phone everyday, they are often our life-line, what is there story?
    7) I have loads more ideas but I'm gonna run out of space!

    Anyway ... good luck guys! Take care, Sabot (aka David Oliver)

  • Nice video, it's cool to see a sort of Technet focused Channel9 thing going on - doubly so because it's UK centric. You've defintely made it to my favorites list.

  • Great to see a site like this.  Channel 9 has such a Devs Only site, a similar site for IT Professionals is much, much appreciated.  Looking forward to more videos like this one

  • James has been talking to people at Microsoft in the UK and has started with one of the newest hires...

  • Jaz.
    I've replied in the C9 thread  there isn't a clear cut decision between going with a big site (and being submerged) and going it alone (and not making it onto people's radar). The DIY route is simpler to do ...
    I've changed the settings so that anonymous comments are allowed (but I have to approve them )
    And the academic folks are on the list of people we'd like to get

    Jason's on the list, and I'm going to the next Girl Geek dinner - hopefully the camera will come too. And the others are now too (Eileen's my boss, it would make a better interview with someone outside the team).

    Thanks for the comments


  • Hi James,

    I would be more than happy to do any interviews for you !


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