Talking Microsoft

Videos from Microsoft UK. People in Microsoft, and people who have something interesting to say about Microsoft.

About Talking Microsoft


About Talking Microsoft

You may be asking Who is behind Talking Microsoft ? and What's the idea behind it ?

The Who: The idea started in the IT-professionals team - which is part of Developer and Platform Evangelism group in the UK. We thought there were enough interesting people in the UK that we could put together a Video per week with them.

The idea: the name Talking Microsoft is deliberately ambiguous. "Talking" can be a verb as in Talking [about] Microsoft, or an adjective as in "Talkative Microsoft" or possibly "those from Microsoft who talk". We'll talk to people inside Microsoft, and as we find a customers and Microsoft partners who with something interesting to talk about we'll interview them too; we'll even talk to people who compete with us -  if it moves a productive discussion forward.

We want to inform, and we want to show the human face of Microsoft, but our top goal is to make the Video we do interesting because you won't watch if we are dull. When we talk it is, in some way, "Public Relations", but PR in the slick, corporate sense is dull. Our videos won't always look great but the we'll ask the questions we think our audience would ask, aim always to be interesting.

Who are our audience ? We work among IT professionals so we think more of them than other groups, but we hope anyone who's interested in Microsoft find something interesting here. Your comments are welcome ... no, more than that, they're encouraged ! If you tell us what you'd like to see we'll try to produce it.