Essentials 2010 simplifies software distribution, including easy distribution for common applications such as Microsoft Office. Essentials also provides support for

  • Common targeting filters
  • Changing the properties of existing software packages
  • Adding localized title and description during package creation
  • Many other features

The Essentials team and the Office team have partnered to provide you with the simplest possible deployment experience. The Office team has provided both a guide to deployment options for Office 2010 that includes Essentials 2010 and a blog post containing the detailed steps for deploying Office 2010 (Beta) using System Center Essentials 2010.

The Office 2010 documentation containing deployment options for Office that include Essentials 2010:

Office Resource toolkit team posted a detailed blog entry on how to “Use System Center Essentials 2010 (Beta) to Deploy Office 2010 (Beta):“