Modernizing Your Datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Modernizing Your Datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

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Last week there was a flurry of information and activity around TechEd North America.  So many announcements and sessions, so little time. Several of the product groups posted information on what they have been working on, and we wanted to make sure and bring your attention to “Transforming your Datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)” on the Windows Server blog.

Software-defined networking is about enabling software – rather than the hardware – to dynamically manage the network in a way that helps you better meet the requirements of your applications and workloads.  Microsoft’s approach to SDN is grounded in our experiences designing, building and operating global-scale datacenter networks for services like Windows Azure.

For more information, see “Transforming your Datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)” by the Windows team.  It’s a short read and well worth your time.  Don’t forget to click the registration link at the end to sign up and be notified when the R2 product evaluation bits become available.

  • SDN is in the future of some of my customers, but the one that could benefit form it most won't even allow a single physical server in more than one firewall zone, and they have a lot of zones, many of them with only one or two servers, such as a zone for updates, which has a single WSUS server, and a zone for SQL, which has a single SQL server.  :(

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