3 new Integration Packs for Opalis posted!

3 new Integration Packs for Opalis posted!

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Hi everyone

I am very excited to see the growth of our Opalis community, and today I would like to show you some examples of this.

Charles Joy, one of our resident Opalis uber-smart guys (and one half of the “Opalis Guys”) has posted 3 new Integration Packs to codeplex.  You can read his post here which describes in more detail what the IP’s do.

The new IP’s he has posted are:

On codeplex, we have a growing number of utilities and IP’s, which is great to see.  I will call out a few that I have myself installed and used:

These are all excellent examples of the Opalis community leveraging and extending the solutions.  If you have created an IP or utility for Opalis, please let us know so we can recognize your efforts!  And if you use one of the existing IP’s or utilities, please give credit to the creator and give them feedback on your experiences.

Please remember that everything posted on Codeplex is for use at your own risk, and are not supported by Microsoft Support.

Happy automating!

    Adam Hall 
   Sr. Technical Product Manager, Opalis   
   System Center

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  • Hi Adam,

    is it possible to integrate SCCM and BMC remedy using Opalis with below objective

    1) BMC to get HW/SW inventory data loaded from SCCM

    2) Flow based software distribtion using BMC and SCCM, right from user raises a requestf for a software onwards, approvals flow, final software install to be done by SCCM includes confirmation of actual isntalltion etc



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