Bytes by TechNet – on DPM 2010 client backups

Bytes by TechNet – on DPM 2010 client backups

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This week’s episode of Bytes by TechNet discusses DPM 2010’s new Windows client backup capabilities – how it works, why it is special, and changes in licensing:

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  • I am looking for a way to backup DPM 2010 via the internet to our Data Center. THere should be a way to do this without having to go to Iron Mountain or Seagate.

    I am a MS Partner and am frustrated by MS giveing exclusive rights to two big companies. I wont sell DPM untill I find I way to use my data center.

    John Connell

  • Hi John -- MS did not give 'exclusive rights' to anyone.  Both Iron Mountain and i365 leverage their own technologies to replicate the DPM server's data to their respective data centers.

    But moreover, you can back up across the Internet to DPM today, too!  The client backup solution discussed in the video can be done over Direct Access (or VPN), so remote workstations can be backed up to your data center's DPM server.

    Go to the DPM blog ( to learn more.

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