SCE 2010 Installation and Operations for Dummies

SCE 2010 Installation and Operations for Dummies

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Written by a kind of “crash test dummy.”

Check out and comment on David Elliott’s experiences installing and operating System Center Essentials 2010, from square one. In his words,

“… if I succeed in getting it up and running, then I should derive some pretty spectacular benefits from it.  Ours is a small company, but we have a variety of computers, of varying vintage, running  Win 7, Vista, XP, one Linux machine… and there are desktops, portables, and a couple of Mac’s.  There are accounting machines, Graphics Workstations, general purpose machines and the like.”

Now, in case you’re wondering who David Elliott is and why you might want to pay attention to what he has to say, and in the interests of full disclosure: David has been working with us for the past several months on helping to develop our community outreach plans in particular through social media, focusing especially on our midsize business solutions (built around System Center Essentials 2010 and Data Protection Manager 2010). In the course of working on that project, he developed a more technical interest in SCE and really wanted to see what he could do with it for his own sake, and do so in the public arena through his blog and Twitter, if just to open up a dialogue that may benefit others as they consider their own deployments.

To be clear, Mr. Elliott is not an IT pro in any official capacity—he’s really more of a jack-of-many-trades, do-it-yourselfer type. Be that as it may, his noble little experiment in IT, starting from scratch, promises to offer plenty of food for thought and lessons to learn that could be of benefit to many a pro. In the least, I’m sure he’d love some help from the community as he makes his way on his “savage journey in search of ‘IT’.”

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  • Actually, this is not an installation primer for dummies, but rather it is being written by someone, who by comparison to most of you, IS an IT dummy.  I have stumbled several times so far, discovered the importance of reading the provided documentation, and gained some insights into a couple of easily avoided pitfalls.

  • Ok, you got me. Good point. Not really for "dummies"--but then, to some degree we are all "dummies" no matter how expert we may be. Anyway, appreciate your efforts here.

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