Upcoming Live Meeting on 6.3.10: Overview of System Center Management Packs with Demo

Upcoming Live Meeting on 6.3.10: Overview of System Center Management Packs with Demo

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On Thursday, June 3, 2010, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Pacific, we are hosting a Live Meeting presentation for the community, titled “Overview of System Center Management Packs with Demo,” presented jointly by Vlad Joanovic, Sr. Program  Manager, and Dan Rogers, Principal Program Manager Lead, with special community guest, Simon Skinner. (This session is a repeat of the one held in April for members of the System Center Influencers Program.)

Please note:

  • This Live Meeting presentation is for members of the System Center Influencer Program or SystemCenterCentral.com.
  • Join information is available on the System Center Influencers Program portal and will also be available through SystemCenterCentral.com.


Get an overview of management packs, authoring tools, and various kinds of custom extensions that can be created to meet specific business needs and operational scenarios. Dan Rogers and Vlad Joanovic will show, in a short demo, how you can, for example, add monitors to a management pack, and discuss additional resources for those who wish to explore further how to get the most out of their implementations of System Center Operations Manager. We’ll finish with some info on the Management Pack Extensions contest, which is currently active, explaining how to participate and what you can win by giving it the ol’ college try.

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  • Missing a huge community

  • are you interested in helping to get the word out about it? and if we provided you with log in info for the Live Meeting would you be willing to get the word out?

  • is this live meeting available for viewing to visitors now?

  • Hi, Satish, still working on it. Unfortunately, as with the first run, the LM recording didn't take very well, so we're having to try to glue the thing together to make it usable. So sorry about that.

    - dave

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