System Center Vista Gadget to Be Decommissioned

System Center Vista Gadget to Be Decommissioned

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Some of our friends in the community have in the past year made use of a Vista desktop gadget that we put together to send out news and announcements. Because of expense in maintaining the gadget and its feed, we've decided to decommission it, effective January 15, 2010.

But all is not lost! As a replacement, we would like to encourage members of the community to take advantage of the Vista/Windows 7 desktop RSS reader (check out this resource on the Windows sitefor help on how to use it)—or any other desktop RSS reader application that you prefer--and simply add to it one or more of the following RSS feeds:

We will be adding to this list of feeds in the months ahead—periodically check back on this blog for updates.

Gracias | Merci | Danke | etc.

- dave //

  • I guess we can see it as a trade.  Good thing we are not let empty handed.

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