Videos from TechEd….. Part 3

Videos from TechEd….. Part 3

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imageHey everyone, here is the 3rd video interview from our time in Berlin.  I apologize I couldn't embed the video directly on this blog site, our usual video hosting sites have limits of 20 minutes in length. So, I have ‘screen shotted’ and linked to the original video here for you

This is a chat I had with Bill Anderson, Principle Lead Program Manager for System Center, about the next release of Configuration Manager.  In the video we talk about some of the major investments we are making.

“The next release of Configuration Manager is under development. In this talk you will hear about our major investments for our next major release, including Site Simplification, User Centric Client Management and more.”

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  • Watched the video and I was thinking about the "affinitizing" Bill mentioned. There's the AD attribute ManagedBy on the Computer object.

    We're actually using this since SMS 2003 to create a Device - User relation.



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