MMS Day 1/2 Recap from the Community Lounge

MMS Day 1/2 Recap from the Community Lounge

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A day of ramping up, getting a feel for the space and the mission. The Community Lounge area is pretty much set up for hocking our wares. Apologies for the poor image quality, but here’s the basic set up with Joey and Adam in the background, editing fresh video for TechNet Edge.


Also managed to benefit from Justin Incarnato’s presence and entourage of MVPs, to introduce a new program we’ve developed to support System Center (and eventually, Virtualization) influencers—more on that in future posts. Here’s a picture of Justin with Cameron Fuller, relaxing in the Lounge:


And finally, here’s Robert Reynolds, our chief planner, engrossed in his mobile mail, calendar, or whatever:


Also kicking in with using Twitter this year, and to that end, if anyone out there wants to follow the activity on Twitter, look either to the user or follow the #mms09 hashtag.

More to come….

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